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In 1995, Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D set-up their first endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Madison & Jefferson County.  After 13 years the endowment has grown to over $110,930 from contributors who are interested and believe in what Historic Hoosier Hills has to offer the southeast area of Indiana.
In 2008, Historic Hoosier Hills Board of Directors decided to expand their endowment locations and the following endowment funds were added at the Switzerland County Community Foundation, Jennings County Community Foundation and the Ripley County Community Foundation.
The Board of Directors plan to have an endowment set-up in all 9 counties within the next few years.
If you are interested in learning more about the endowment funds that the RC&D has set-up please phone 812-689-4107.
Leaving a Legacy
If you share our commitment to wise stewardship of our natural and economic resources, please consider joining us to ensure that this work carries forward into future generations.  Contact the HHH office to discuss planned giving options.  Always consult your advisers about philanthropic gifts.  If you have already included us in your estate planning, please let us know so we can thank you.
You may donate financially by using the form below to Historic Hoosier Hills, Endowment Fund, or to a Project Committee:
Leaving a Legacy
City, ST & Zip:
Enclosed is my gift of:
I would like my contribution to go to:
Send your gift with a copy of this form to:
Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D
PO Box 407
Versailles, IN  47042
Or if you would like to can donate by using PayPal.  Just click which endowment you would like to donate to below.
Unrestricted Gift to Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D
Madison & Jefferson County Community Foundation
Switzerland County Community Foundation
Jennings County Community Foundation
Ripley County Community Foundation
Dearborn County Community Foundation

SEI Community Gardens

5 to the 5 Vintage Hydros

Aurora High School Museum


Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.
If you would like not to be acknowledged please let us know when you send your gift to us.
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